Bust and Cleavage Peeling

Naturally Beautiful Bust Line was created to ensure the effective and intensive care of the bust and cleavage and special care of good spirit and comfort of women. Bust and Cleavage Peeling contains bamboo particles. Without iriitating, it effectively peels off dead skin cells, purifies and stimulates regeneration. Due to its creamy consistency, our peeling gently massages your skin. Natural ingredients wonderfully moisturise and nourish your skin. After using our peeling, skin is ready to absorb all the active substances, contained in Bust and Cleavage Balm.

  • Bamboo particles* - effectively and delicately peels off dead skin cells, allowing active substances to be absorbed
  • Roman Camomile Water* - anti-inflammatory, regenerating, soothing and moisturising
  • Hibiscus Extract* - soothes, calms irritations, has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Liquorice* - calms irritations, heals, reduces redness, brightens
  • Vegetable Glycerin* - moisturises
  • Delicate cleansing substances* - clean

*natural and eco-certified ingredients


How to use:

Massage wet or dry skin of bust and cleavage carefully using circular movements. Rinse. Use two or three times a week prior to the application of Bust and Cleavage Balm.

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