Bust and Cleavage Balm

Naturally Beautiful Bust Line was created to restore firmness and proper nourishment of the skin of bust and cleavage. While creating this line of natural cosmetics, our goal was effective care and special care of good spirit and comfort of women.Firming Bust and Cleavage Balm was created on the base of high concentration of kigeline (10%) - extract from Kigelia plant, which has clinically proven firming properties. Our balm also contains other plant substances, which have deeply nourishing and moisturising properties.Regularly applied, visibly firms and pampers the skin of bust and cleavage.

  • Kigeline (10%)*  - strongly firms, slims, increases elasticity
  • Avocado Butter* - moisturises and regenerates (contains  vitamins A, K and PP), protects from environmental factors, natural UV filter
  • Cannabis Oil* - improves lipid balance, creates better penetrability of epidermis and deeply penetrates body tissues, which makes it a great carrier of repairing and rejuvenating substances                                    
  • Natural Vitamin E* - fights free radicals, protects
  • Green Tea Extract* - has antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, stimulates regeneration
  • Vegetable Betaine*- moisturises

*natural and eco-certified ingredients

How to use:

Use once or twice a day. Massage carefully using circular movements, starting from the bust (shoulder height) and ending on the cleavage.

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