Slimming and Firming Peeling

Slimming and Firming Peeling is a unique natural cosmetic for body with coconut and bamboo particles of a various size. Removes dead skin cell and stimulates blood circulation. Helps active substances from Slimming and Anti-cellulite Balm to be absorbed into the skin. 

  • Green Tea Extract*- antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties; stimulates regeneration and cells growth
  • Pepper and Lemongrass oils, Cardamon Extract* - improve blood circulation and help active substances to be absorbed
  • Coconut and Bamboo particles - effectively peel dead skin cells, help active substances to be absorbed
  • Sunflower Oil*- moisturises, regenerates, heals
  • Vegetable Betaine*- moisturises
  • Natural Vitamin E*- smoothes, firms, and moisturises
  • Delicate plant detergents* – clean, protecting lipid layer

*natural and eco-certified ingredients


How to use:

You can use our peeling every day, especially druing anti-cellulite and slimming treatment with our from Slimming and Anti-cellulite Balm. In the shower as a washing and exfoliating cosmetic or on dry skin to obtain more intensive exfoliation effect.

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