Olio massaggio corpo

Cranberry oil is truly special - it moisturises, nourishes your skin and absorbs perfectly. Your skin uses all its nourishing ingredients, including anti-aging ones. Lemon essential oil enhances the look of your skin: smoothes and cleanses, while refreshing your senses. This body oil can be used for massage or for quick body moisturising.

  • Cranberry Oil* - protects, moisturises, fights free radicals, regenerates
  • Lemon Essential Oil*- refreshes the mind, enhances the look of your skin: smoothes, regulates and strengthens
  • Olive Oil* - smoothes and soothes
  • Babassu Oil* - elasticises, moisturises, a natural UV filter
  • Sesame Oil* - moisturises, soothes, protects against UV rays
  • Grape Oil *- fights free radicals
  • Natural Vitamin E* - smoothes, firms, oils and moisturises


*natural and eco-certified ingredients

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